Indoor Air Quality Sensor Manager and Surveying System

In-building air quality monitor and surveying mobile application, which enables users to provide feedback on the quality of air inside the building.

The web application provides an analysis of the indoor air quality of the building as well as report generation capability.

Digital Payment Eco-system

The Digital Payment Eco-system enables users to execute end to end digital monetary value transfer end to end with enhanced security. In addition to that, the system enables to transfer monetery values as well as request for funds etc.

The QR code based authentication protocol was implemented based on a Patent pending invention for transactions where the users are in proximity.

Audience Engagement Manager

Mobile applications are increasingly becoming a vital source of entertainment in our daily lives; moreover, due to fast-paced technological advancements, mobile apps have evolved in a way such that human-computer interactions are smooth and not awkward. This project aims to create an audience interaction mobile application with features that have not been done before and mainly by adopting fun and creativity factors. There are various existing mainstream features, but this project’s main highlight is to deter away from the conventional approaches by coming up with new ways to interact with the audience through the usage of a new and improved mobile application. React Native is a preferred cross-platform framework which can be used to create both Android and iOS apps, especially since both mobile operating systems are popular today. It works in conjunction with Firebase, which provides highly efficient and effective Real-time Database, Storage and Authentication features. In conclusion, the audience interaction mobile application is developed to help event hosts have a better interaction with the audience through the app by incorporating fun factors and ultimately making the event an enjoyable one for both the host and the audience.