Software Quality Assurance, Code Review, & Testing

Our key intention is to help our clients maintain their code quality to build excellent products. The expert resources that we utilize in assuring the software quality, reviewing software codes and testing built applications make the wonder of delivering bug-free products.
The assurance we provide in maintaining product quality involves the effort of QA experts who are skilled and experienced in a variety of testing techniques from manual to full-scale test automation. Also, we are equipped with an experienced QA team that is readily available to be deployed in any ongoing projects that require QA support.

The process we mastered includes three simple but effective steps where initially we do our analysis, finalize our test strategy, plan the resources and tools to be used. Secondly, we work on the test design where the test cases, scripts, scenarios, and the testing environment will be finalized. Lastly, we execute the testing strategy where we track and analyse all defects and provide a fully fledged test report in the end.

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